BDS MABasic 35 New- Magnetic Drilling Machine



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Sturdy and reliable 1,050 W motor with high speed. Get 760 RPM best suited for drilling with twist drills with the MABasic 35 magnetic drilling machine. ”Made in Germany” magnetic base drilling machine.

The motor safety switch and magnet switch are positioned in the middle of the back of the magnetic drilling machine on an anti-glare display. The MABasic 35 can thus be operated safely even during overhead work or when working on a vertical surface.

  • Ideal for twist drilling thanks to 760 RPM
  • Powerful 1050 Watt motor
  • Two speed gearbox
  • 160 mm stroke
  • Switches are arranged on the back
  • Coolant tank mounted on the side
  • Delivered in quality carry case
  • Made in Germany
What’s in the box 1 x Magnetic Drilling machine
1 x Robust carry case
1 x Concentrated cutting oil
1 x Safety goggles
1 x Hand gloves (do not use while drilling)
1 x Safety lashing strap
2 x Ejector pins
3 x Allen keys
1 x Spanner

Additional information

Weight 12 kg


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